USER: JJ Speedwagon







ABILITIES: Is capable of manipulating and transforming writing and images.

A few hours later...

"That him?"

"Yup, that's the one." Said a policeman chewing a donut.

The two looked through the window of a hospital room door at a young man being tended to by a doctor, he was wrapping up a bullet wound in his leg.

"Is it true, he turned himself in?"

"Yup," said the fat officer between bites, "Admitted he totalled a car and destroyed half a storefront, not to mention beat the crap out of the poor sucker we're keeping a few rooms over."

"It doesn't make sense! Why would he do that?"

"I've seen this guy around before, good ol' JJ. Usually we pick him up for getting into street fights, but it almost always ends up being self defense so he gets let off the hook. The guy sure is a magnet for trouble though, everyone in town seems to want to pick a fight with him."

"Why do you think that is?"

"Word on the street is he's never lost a fight, not one. That reputation alone is enough to put a target on his back."

The fat cop turned and looked at the other, "Not to mention, I hear his old man was some kinda oil tycoon, left him a huge inheritance when he passed away."

"What? If he's so rich why does he live on the streets?"

"Who knows, maybe he's the type who likes being around danger, or maybe the rich lifestyle just isn't for him."

Inside the room, the doctor finished wrapping JJ's leg in bandages.

"You're lucky the bullet didn't hit an artery, we were able to remove it without much trouble. You can pick up some painkillers at the front desk where your bill is waiting. And try to stay off that leg, it'll take a pretty long time to heal fully."

JJ thanked the man and went to leave, but the officers stopped him in his tracks.

"So? Am I free to go?"

The fat officer sighed, "Not so fast JJ, this is more than just some back alley brawl this time. You'll have to stay here for some questioning."

JJ frowned, "Well if you say so officer! I can't let myself get too carried away and interrupt your work!" He said with thinly veiled sarcasm.

"Oh! But first, do you mind if I use the restroom over there?" He pointed down the hall.

The officer sighed, "Make it quick, and I'll have to stand outside to make sure you don't run off."

JJ smirked as the officer followed him to the restroom, JJ.

"Make it quick!"

"Alright alright! I'm going! Sheesh."

JJ went inside into a stall, and pulled off his jacket. Stashed inside was a hospital uniform he'd swiped on his way inside. JJ peered around the bathroom, looking for something. Finally his eyes fell on a poster on the wall, "Don't forget to wash your hands!" It said, and had a photo of an attractive young male doctor.

Outside the officer was tapping his foot, and growing impatient. Out from the bathroom walked a doctor, in a blue hospital smock. The officer paid him no mind, then went inside to check on JJ. Moments later he ran out to the hall and yelled to his partner,

"He's not here! The asshole ran away!"

The doctor picked up his pace as he walked down the hall.

"Hey you! Stop!"

The officer ran up to him and grabbed his shirt sleeve.

"Ahem, uh, can I help you?" Said the doctor in an odd tone.

"Did you see a guy in the bathroom just now?"

"Hmmm," Said the doctor, "What do you think I am, some pervert? I can't keep tabs on everyone who uses the bathroom!"

"It was a young guy!" The cop stammered, "Tall, and blonde! Looked kinda like you, in fact!"

The doctor chuckled nervously and scratched his chin. "I think I saw him, he went down that way." He pointed the opposite direction.

"Come on, let's get after him!" The cop yelled to his partner as they sped down the hall.

The doctor sighed and rounded the corner to an empty hallway, "That was close."

He grabbed the spot on his chin he'd been scratching, pinching the skin between his fingers. With a pull, his face came off like a mask, and wriggled around transforming back into a fragment of paper. JJ looked at the face on it, then crumpled it up and tossed it in a garbage can. He hopped into an elevator and rode it to the ground floor. The atrium was busy, people going to and fro, doctors and nurses. JJ went up to the counter, "I'd like to pay my bill. It's under the name Speedwagon."

"One moment Mr. Speedwagon." Said the receptionist.

"Here we are! Will that be a check?"

JJ's eyes nearly popped out of his head looking at the numbers. "Yeesh! It sure costs a lot to get shot in this city."

He pulled out his wallet and tore off a check, signing it and handing it to the woman. When he went to put it back in his pocket, he noticed something had fallen out. He bent down to pick it up, it was a photograph, old and in black and white.

Two men sat together on a bench, arms around their shoulders and smiling. One man was large, even taller than JJ. He had shorter dark hair, and was dressed very finely in a sweater vest. The other man wore a tall top hat, checkered black and white, and a cheap looking suit. He had a long blonde mullet, and was quite muscular himself. He looked just like JJ, and for good reason. That man was Robert E.O. Speedwagon, JJ's father.

JJ never met his father, he'd been told he died of a heart attack when JJ was only 5 years old. Knowing his fathers old age, JJ wasn't surprised at this fact. He was 89 years old when he passed away. How an 84 year old man could swoon JJ's mother, who was half his age at the time, JJ would never know. But his mother had always spoken fondly of Robert.

However, something never sat right with JJ. His father's dead was the same night as his fever, the illness that almost killed him and brought about his "stand." (JJ was still getting used to having an actual name for it.) It seemed like such a bizarre coincidence that the two events must have been related. But his father was hundred of miles away in a different state when it happened, JJ had no puzzle pieces to even fit together about how the two events coincided.

JJ's mother loved his father, but hated his work. Robert was always on trips out of the country, or flying from state to state. When JJ was just an infant, she decided she'd be better of raising him herself, and moved to Kansas with him. Robert was saddened by this decision, but respected her wishes. The only contact he ever had with JJ had been a few letters which JJ wasn't even old enough to read, and a massive inheritance left to him.

As JJ stared, lost in thought, a man walked into the hospital lobby. One could tell just from looking at him, this was a man of great stature. His hulking 6'5 frame was clearly visible beneath the suave trench coat he wore over a neatly buttoned sweater vest. His hair, brown and trimmed short, was graying at the temples showing signs of age but still retaining a youthful sheen. Atop his head he wore a new brown fedora, matching his trenchcoat. And on his chiseled jaw was a thick full beard, mostly brown but flecked with gray. In his gloved hands, the man held a photograph, a grainy mugshot of JJ taken some months prior.

"The cops I spoke to said he should be here..." He mumbled to himself.

"May I help you sir?"

"Ah! Don't sneak up on me!" The man scratched his head, embarrassed. "I was so busy looking around I didn't even notice you. Be more careful!"

"I'm so sorry sir! Is there someone you're here to see? I can take you over to-" She grabbed his sleeve and tried to usher him along.

"Oh my god!" The man recoiled his arm.

"Oh no! I'm sorry sir, is something wrong?"

"You hoochie! I'm a married man!" He straightened his jacket and huffed, "You shouldn't be just grabbing people like that! I know my suave demeanor may seem enticing, but you really must-"

As he spoke, he felt someone brush past him.

"Sorry." They said and continued out the door.

The man grumbled, "Now where was I?"

He stopped and turned around.

"Was that...?"

He looked at the photograph once more. It was him.


The man barreled past an elderly woman and ran out the door into the street.

"Where did he go? I have to find him!"

The man scanned the street and saw JJ about to get on a bus.

"JJ! Wait!" He screamed.


JJ heard his name, and saw the enormous middle aged man rushing towards him.

"Shit! Is he with the police?"

JJ hopped into the bus as the doors closed, the bus sped off and the man struggled to catch up.

"Everyone hold on!"

JJ heard the bus driver yelling, he looked over and saw electricity flying from the dashboard and the wheel spinning on its own. The bus took a hard right and rammed into a street light, throwing JJ off his feet. The rest of the passengers seemed shaken, but fine. JJ looked out the bus window, at the street corner was the man... watching him.

"Is he.. a stand user?" JJ gulped. He got off the bus and tried to hide amongst the other disembarking passengers, but it was no use, the man was there. He put a hand on JJ's shoulder, through the glove it felt cold as ice.

"Are you JJ Speedwagon?" Said the man menacingly.

"Y-yes. Are you with the police?" JJ was poised to summon his stand any second.

"I'm with the Speedwagon Foundation, I was sent here to find you. They need you."

"What? Those guys?" JJ was flabbergasted, he'd heard of his father's company but had never been contacted by them before, and he wanted it to stay that way.

He brushed the man's hand off his shoulder and walked away.

"I don't want anything to do with the Speedwagon Foundation! Tell them I said no."

JJ went to take a step off the curb, but suddenly couldn't move.


His feet were stuck, glued to the ground. He looked down and saw a faint ripple of electricity shimmering around his shoes and the ground.

"JJ Speedwagon, I don't think you understand." Said the man, taking his fedora off.

JJ spun around as best he could to face the man. He summoned his stand behind himself, but the man didn't so much as flinch.

"Kans-" JJ felt a shock as his stand became fixed to the ground just like him, the electricity emanating from its feet.

The man took a step closer.

"My name is Joseph Joestar. The Speedwagon Foundation needs you, and I'm here to take you there." He frowned. "Whether you like it or not."

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