Anna opened her eyes, they felt dry. She rubbed them and looked out the window, it was around noon.

"Ah, someone's finally up! Hope I didn't wake you." Said Ken rummaging with some things on an end table.

"What day is it?" She asked.

"Hmm? Thursday of course. Come now, you don't think you slept the whole day away do you?" He chuckled.

"It felt so long…"

Ken picked up the plate he'd been preparing and walked over, placing it on the bed. "Here, breakfast in bed for the fair maiden!"

She looked at the eggs and bacon in her lap now. It smelled nice.

"Thanks." She started eating.

"Can't start the day with an empty stomach!" Ken patted his chest proudly. "And we have a long one in store. I spoke to Mira while you were asleep, she's arranged us an audience with the Duke this afternoon."

"The Duke? So you made up your mind then…"

"Yes, and no. I have some hope he can arrange for us both to be pardoned."

"But you said only the King can do that."

"Not exactly. Only the King has done that, and the Archbishop of the Sanctum. But the Duke does have the power, it's just a matter of whether the others will contest his decision."

"That's quite a gamble on your part."

He sat down, "Yes. Well.. I've been playing things rather safe up till now. But there comes a time where gambles are necessary."

"And if he doesn't pardon you?"

He frowned, "Then I'll just have to leave Glade. Perhaps I'll go to Veridia or Sherene, I hear it's nice there. A peaceful and beautiful place."


"But as for you, you can return right back to Alphindale. I hope everything will work out for you Anna. I really do."

"... Yeah."

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