Back in the Toadstool Inn, Asuna and Arturia were still seated happily at their table in the tavern of the first floor. The sun was finally beginning to set outside, and the shadows of the room stretched out across them. All the other patrons had left, it was just the two of them. One of the barmaids came over and asked if they wanted anything, it was an elven girl with pretty long blonde hair hanging loose down her back. Back over at the bar was her twin sister, identical except her hair was kept in a braid.

“No thank you, we’re just chatting. Probably going to return to our rooms soon.”

“Well let me know if you’d like anything else!” Said the woman.

Arturia didn’t have the heart to admit she had no funds to spare.

They heard the sound of a bell, and the door flung open. In walked two very tall and very tired looking men. One had long unkempt black hair, some stubble, and was dressed in dirty crusty brown robes. The other had tousled fiery ginger hair, and wore leather armor stained with blood. The two took a seat in a corner booth and the dirty man put his feet up on the table.

“Two pints of ale please!” He said holding up his fingers.

“Fuck that, give me liquor. Whatever you got.” Said the other.

“Oh, always so dramatic with you.” Giggled the black haired man.

Asuna whispered quietly to Arturia, “Are they…?”

“I would believe so.” Said Arturia.

“Yeesh, get a room.”

The barmaid came over and gave the men their drinks, at that moment the bell dinged again and in walked a man and a girl. The man was quite slender, had fluffy sandy blonde hair, wore a turtleneck, and carried a sword and shield which he carefully sat beside a table. The girl had long wavy brown hair streaked in red, and wore a plain white dress which seemed to be quite tattered and caked in mud.

The two sat down and the man raised his hand. “Excuse me! Madam? Could we have two pints of mead please?”

He whispered to the girl, “Can you do that thing again?”

She nodded. The barmaid hurried into the back yet again and brought out their drinks.

“Thank you so much my lady. Here, have a tip!” He tossed her a silver coin.

“A gentleman!” She smiled, “Thank you.”

The barmaid returned to the back to finish doing dishes, and the three groups sat in relative silence. Each quietly sipping their drinks, trying to pay no attention to the others. Finally a single voice broke the silence, it was Bastion.

“So, we’re sitting in a tavern, eh?”

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