Ken watched Anna mumbling the words to herself, and suddenly beneath them the ground opened up.

The ground opened up?

A huge sinkhole erupted from nowhere, swallowing up everything. The horse barely got past it in time before the earth behind them gave way. The man chasing them yelled in surprise, his horse skidded to a stop right at the edge and reared itself.

Ken could hear the man cursing at them in the distance, but it didn't matter now. He looked down at Anna, she seemed groggier than before. Was that the magic taking its toll?

"How did you do that? You're a mage?"

She looked up at him, eyes cold as ever. "It wasn't real."

"What? But I-"

"It was an illusion."

"I see."

The two rode on, slowing their pace when they finally felt they were safe. Ken stopped the horse off in the woods and the two made camp. It was quiet.

"So, you're an illusion wizard."

"Yes, that's right."

"Where did you learn that?"


"Nobody taught you?"

Anna was quiet.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to pry."

Ken sighed and finished setting up the tent. "You know, we took a wrong turn back there. We should've gone right toward Jaerim, but now we're heading toward Merravale."

"Can't we just go back?"

Ken sighed. "I'm worried that whichever way we turn, they'll find us."

"I see."

He finished setting up the tent and took off his armor. There was a small pond nearby, Anna watched him go over and begin throwing his plate mail into the water.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Those men knew who we were because of this armor, best to get rid of it. I can always get more. And besides, its meant for an Inquisitor."

"I see."

Ken heaved and tossed his breastplate into the pond with a splash, "And sometimes when you make a new start, it's good to throw away the old things." He gave an airy chuckle "You know?"

Anna looked down at the ring on her finger, gently rubbing the charred surface.

"Yeah. I know"

Ken sat down at the fire beside her, turning the roasting fish they'd prepared. Soon after, he noticed a weight on his shoulder. The girl had fallen asleep. He smiled and put his arm around her, they both needed their rest.

And together the two slept under the pale moonlight, on the way to Merravale.

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