Bastion laughed, "Hey! Take it easy!"

"Why would you bring up the Lost Legion?"

"You're really going to act like I wouldn't keep tabs on my best friend?"

"So you did find me on purpose."

"I'm surprised you even humored the idea that I was telling the truth."

Zander slashed Bastion's cheek and quickly stowed the dagger.

"Ahh! Fuck that stings!" Bastion yelped and grabbed his face.

"You're lucky I didn't kill you."

"Yeah yeah, you always say that." Bastion wiped the blood on his sleeve. "The book part was true though, it's an original copy from Balenrer, priceless."

"And why is this important to me?"

Bastion sighed, "Let's just say the current owner is an enemy of us both."


"I will. Over a glass of wine."

"Don't have any."

"Then let's buy some."

"Fuck off."

Zander walked away again. Bastion ran up and patted his shoulder, "Hold on now! I was just-"

Zander grabbed his hand and broke his finger.

"Ahhh! FUCK!" Bastion screamed and clutched his hand.

"Next time it'll be your arm. Go drink one of those potions you always have, should fix it up."

"Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like shit!" Bastion leapt on one foot yelping in pain.

"Find the book yourself."

Bastion breathed deeply and collected himself. He took a long pause. "So, you're going to Mordain?"

"... Yeah."

Bastion popped over to his side, "What a coincidence! So am I!"

Zander sighed, the sigh of a man who was absolutely fed up. "Just stay out of my way."

"You got it! Just traveling buddies! Going to the same place, after the same people, but completely not working together. That sound good?"

In total silence the two walked together for a while in the shadow of the forest beneath the pale moonlight.

Zander really wished he'd just killed him.

"Yeah. Sounds good."

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